Bratva Connection: Boris – Book 2


Sabine Baker saw something she shouldn’t have seen and now she’s being blackmailed by a corrupt policeman.

Boris Romanov is intrigued when he hears a husky, feminine voice but when he sees the woman being handed a thick envelope by the owner of a restaurant in Chinatown, Melbourne, he’s intrigued.

Boris follows the beautiful woman and when he sees her hand the envelopes to a police officer, he’s angry.

A spur of the moment decision and with the help of a friend, Boris kidnaps her, takes her to another friend’s home and locks her up in the basement.

Sabine is at first resistant to explain, but then she tells Boris and his friends everything. He vows to help her and the wheels are set in motion to set up the dirty cop.

However, things don’t go according to plan and Sabine is kidnapped for a second time but this time she’s not sure she’ll survive.



Be sure to continue the adventure with this series.

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