Black Ops – Shadow Hunters: Ryan – Book 1

Ally Carpenter, pub owner in Outback, Northern Territory, Australia has a close encounter of the extraterrestrial kind. Two aliens land near her pub and use their powers to control her mind and body. However, Ally is determined and strong. After the beings tell her telepathically they are going to kidnap her and cut her open she manages to fight break free of their mind control. She shoots the huge grey beasts.

Ally figures out pretty quickly that though the aliens can be hurt, however gunshot wounds don’t kill them since the beasts seem to have regenerative healing abilities.

Just as she thinks the ETs are going to win and abduct her, a group of military men dressed from head to toe in black arrive with their technologically advanced looking weapons.

One of the men shoots the head off one of the aliens, but the other humanoid escapes.

Commander Ryan Archer introduces himself, orders her to stay inside with one of his men to keep her safe, then he and the rest of his team go outside to fight the remaining alien.

Minutes later, Ally is once more scared for her life.

Black Ops – Shadow Hunters: Ryan –Blurb

Ally Carpenter finds out aliens are real when a UFO lands near her isolated Outback pub.

She defends herself with her rifle shooting at the very tall, grey beasts and just when she thinks she’s going to die, the cavalry arrives.

Commander Ryan Archer, the leader of the Black Ops Shadow Hunters team, is in awe of Ally’s beauty and fierceness, but when one of the aliens teleports her onto a spacecraft, he isn’t sure he’ll ever see her again.

Ally fights for her life and is determined to win this battle and Ryan is just as resolute that he and his team will save her, and they do.

When Ryan asks her on a date she accepts.

Things heat up between Ryan and Ally as well as the extraterrestrials. More aliens show up and Ryan can’t help but think they’ve targeted Ally.

After discovering a letter from her mother confirming that Ally is a unique human being, she isn’t sure what to do.

But when Ryan’s and his teammates lives are in jeopardy Ally knows it’s time to believe in herself and try to save them.

More to come with other books in this series.

Black Ops – Shadow Hunters: Remington