Black Ops – Shadow Hunters: Remington – Book 2

Remington never expected to encounter a woman running from the evil tall grey aliens out in the middle of Outback South Australia, but he was glad he was there to help her since she’d been running from one of those evil creatures.

After killing the alien and making sure the rest of his team were safe, he introduced himself and she did the same. Elora Finch, the owner of the Finch Homestead was gorgeous and his visceral reaction to her, took his breath away.

Black Ops – Shadow Hunters: Remington – Blurb

Elora Finch didn’t believe aliens existed until one appeared on her farm and started chasing her.

She’s saved by a soldier and his team who were fighting more of the creatures, but when she finds out that she has a target on her back and alien DNA in her body, she isn’t sure what to believe.

Remington Hadler is entranced by the independent, hard-working, Elora and he knows she’s the one woman who is right for him but convincing her he’s the man for her isn’t going to be easy.

Elora realises soon enough that everything she’s been told is true, and when more of the grey’s turn up, she stands with Remington and his team and fights.

When she finally stops fighting their attraction, Remington is on top of the world but he’s worried about what will happen to them when he has to go back to base.

He isn’t’ sure a long distance relationship will last no matter how much he wants it to.

But he doesn’t want to lose her either.

More to come with other books in this series.

Black Ops – Shadow Hunters: Remington