Bratva Connection: Valentin – Book 3


Mia Whitlock, an investigative journalist, trying to get the dirt on the bad guys, puts herself in danger after sneaking into the back of a nightclub owned by the Italian Mafia.

Matteo Marello, the top enforcer is bad news and Mia, unfortunately, has captured his attention.

When Valentin Sokolov realises she’s in danger, he pulls her into his arms and kisses her. Intrigued and attracted to the mystery woman, he does everything he can to find out who she is and when he does, he inveigles himself into her life.

Val is extremely attracted to Mia and knows she is perfect for him but convincing her to be his woman isn’t going to be easy.

Mia is independent and not used to asking for help but when Val saves her life, she realises that he’s a good guy and that she’s falling for him.

Mia ends up in a relationship with Valentin but when she ends up in peril, she isn’t sure she’ll ever see him again.


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